T 4

Reference T4

  • Electrical operation 12volts.

  • Turbine with adjustable deflector.

  • Projection of 3 to 10 meters in small seeds and 3 to 15 meters in anti-slugs.

  • Wide width 24 meters (fixed spreading).

  • Using it for anti-slugs or in small seeds seedling: the device remains the same.

  • Setting from 0.5 to 310kg / hour using a scale from 0 to 30.

    (Technical notice / Download at the bottom of the page)

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€95.00 HT

390 tax excl. €



  • Anti-slug dispenser and seedling small seeds, 25 liters, working width from 3 to 12 meters.

Description :

  • The T4 is delivered with an adjustable deflector equipment turbine allowing projection on an adjustable width of 3 to 12 meters in slug pellets and 3 to 10 meters in small seeds.

  • Whether in slug pellets or small seedlings, the device remains the same.

  • To use in wide width up to 24 meters (fixed spreading), it is necessary to change the distribution turbine.

  • It is sold as an option: "Turbine large width 24 meters".

  • For Ryegrass or Sod, ask for a special device (only with 24meters).


A technical notice is supplied with the device:

  • The setting is from 1 to 220 kg / hour using a scale from 0 to 30. The turbines are adjustable.

  • Used behind the grain drill, the machine can be placed on the side while keeping a projection on the back of the grain drill.

  • In green fertilizer, it can be placed at the front of the tractor or on a tillage machine.

Dimensions :

  • T4: Diameter 300 mm / Height 600 mm.

  • Size of the tank: 25 liters polyethylene. The spreading plate is powered by a 12 volt electric motor.

  • Weight: 10 kilos.

  • Capacity in anti-slug: 20 kilos.

* Tip: For an electric hatch/trap closing please refer to a T24 distributor.