Reference: RAVITAILLEUR250L-400L-600L-800L 

  • Increases the autonomy of cereal seeder.

  • It is placed on the front linkage of the tractor or is connected to the front bracket.

  • Pneumatic hose transfer device.

  • Electric distributor and hydraulic ventilation.

Available in:

  • 250 L: 2150 € HT.

  • 400 L: 2300 € HT.

  • 600 L: 2450 € HT.

  • 800 L: 2600 € HT.
2150 tax excl. €



  • Small and large seed drill, double distribution and filling function, available in 250, 400, 600 or 800 litres.


  • Placed at the front of the tractor, the seeder feeder increases the autonomy of the cereal seeder. When the grain seeder tank is empty, you just need to activate the seed transfer from the feeder to fill the cereal seeder tank.

  • Start-up by electronic box.




  • The chassis is made of steel and has an epoxy paint passed through the oven, the tank is made of polyethylene.


  • A ventilation turbine driven by a hydraulic motor ensures the pneumatic transfer of the seed to the tank of the cereal seeder.

  • The transfer of the seed to the distribution gaps is done with 30 mm diameter pipes.


  • The pipe outlet diameter is 40 mm inside.


  • Hydraulic hoses and push - pull sockets are supplied with the seeder.


  • A control unit is provided in the cabin for starting the distribution.


  • The hydraulic inlet is connected to the distributor and the return to the "free return" socket.


  • A pressure gauge and pressure limiter are supplied as standard.


  • The feeder seeder is equipped with a drain hatch located under the machine.